Bob Saget (1/3)

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Submitted to "Insights 1.11.22"

Bob Saget is a Taurus. He was born on 5.17.56, Virgo moon, Scorpio Rising. His mother dominated his mindset. He is bound by his Scorpio Rising. Pedophile? Full House promoted “three men and the babies,” which is similar to a movie of similar name but with different actors. Bob Saget raped and murdered a girl in 1990? Bob once said, “Ashley swallows,” referring to one of the twins. He must be a Luciferian.

Doris Day was satanist. Doris was with Anton LaVey.  I am aware that Tina Louise was a satanist.

Bob Saget was murdered and ritually sacrificed. (I just read an article that it was recently revealed that Bob Saget was fully vaccinated and he got covid, before he was found dead in his Ritz Carlton hotel room in Orlando, Florida by hotel security).

Oprah promoted John of god. Sabrina B. found women caged. John of god finds runway teens, and trafficked them, until they were too old for pedophile sex. Then, he would kill them. Sabrina got 5 of these women out. Oprah and her friends had Sabrina killed, but made it seem like a suicidal hanging. They energetically orchestrated this murder to silence her.

The secret was out in the Bob Saget Roast.

Pierre Trudeau was gay, which makes sense that Justin’s real name is Castro.

Bob Saget was supposed to live up to 73, but his life ended early at 65 because refused to do with they wanted him to do, which led to his recent ritual sacrifice.

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