A columbine (8/8)

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This is a columbine and I planted it toward the end of the building where it will get more sunshine. They tolerate shade, but they aren’t really a shade plant. When it blooms, the flowers will be pink.

There is one other plant that I didn’t take a picture of; a bleeding heart. It has finished blooming for the year but should come up next year.

That is the shade beds that I didn’t previously show. I did get a huge compliment today, though. I was planting and weed-eating when an older gentleman stopped and got out of his pickup. He came over and said, “I don’t go to church here, but I just had to stop to tell you that you’ve done a fantastic job of the flower beds here. I sincerely appreciate it.”

Mind you, I love it when someone in the congregation compliments how the flower beds look. However, it is truly special when a total stranger who doesn’t even attend our church goes out of his way to compliment the flower beds. That is exactly the reaction I was hoping for when I first started this endeavor. It draws the good kind of attention to a house of worship.

Written by Rex Trulove

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