The White Mist Kingdom

Mount Batur is one of the favored tourism destinations in Bali. The mountain located in Batur village at the highlands of Kintamani District with a height of 1717 meters above sea level. The mountain is very famous as a place to enjoy the beauty of the rising sun, you will see spectacular sunrise views from the top of the mountain. Mount Batur volcano also is one of The Sacred Mountain according to Hindu believe, so it’s advisable to use a professional guide for your climbing trip’s safety.

This mountain is the first mountain that I climbed about 4 years ago and afterwards, I became addicted to climbing the other mountains. I took this picture at 6 am from the first peak and the climb was starts at 3 am. If you are a mountain lover or landscape photographers, I high recommendation to visit this mountain 🙂


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Written by E.NATASHA


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