Wander project more tubing and memories of water…

The boys used to challenge whoever was the captain to go faster, to make sharper turns while they were tubing. Nick would raise his fist into the air as a challenge. I suspect he was a thrill seeker when he was little. Now he is extremely cautious. He would never do something like that. Funny how as children age their wild sides change. As in those with wild sides begin to tame them, those without wild sides begin to have one.

I have many happy memories of the Lake.

I also have many memories of Lake Ripley, and somehow I have to figure out how to share some of my grandfather’s videos of the lake. I have a video of Lake Ripely from as far as 1948. There is no sound with the video but the quality is pretty good, and I’ve converted all of them to digital now.

The lake images also show us boating and doing many other things. I have a lot of memories of wandering the shore of my grandparent’s house in Lake Ripley Wisconsin. My grandfather had built a beach and had sand 12 feet out into the lake for the comfort of swimmers. When my mother was younger, he built a tree swing that was still fun to swing on a few years later. When I look back it is a small wonder that I love water!


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Written by DocAndersen

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