Wander project – time to clean drawers!

It is pretty interesting when you stop for a moment and consider. Over the years of my career, I have changed careers three times and moved many more than three times. There was a point early in my working career where I moved every year. The grass was always greener in the next apartment. It wasn’t until we bought our first house that we stopped moving every year. I guess that is part of starting in life; you often move at first. The value of moving is always to clean up and get rid of things you no longer need. Well, that is what you have the opportunity o do!

I know that I do not always do that because I opened a drawer in my office last week. In that drawer were more than ten cables for devices I didn’t have when I lived in Indiana at the end. I had gotten rid of them in Indiana, so the reality was those cables were ten years old and hadn’t been touched. So, I put them in the goodwill bag. I doubt anyone has those devices, but someone might be able to use them just in case. It is the funny reality of cables sometimes. You never have the cable you need until you buy extra, then the next time you need one, you have ten of them!

I should go through the drawers in my office on vacation. I know I have drawers with crap; I don’t need anymore. It would be a nice addition of space to clean out three or four drawers. That way, I have more access to storage and less stuff on my desk. So, I am going to do that. My vacation starts Monday (we have a day trip planned for Monday), but I will pick a drawer and clean it out on Tuesday. I might even commit to doing more than one drawer! I really should blame my dad for this. He gave me a great desk with huge drawers, so I just filled them up!



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