Wander project Swabbing the Deck…

Yesterday was swab the decks day on the boat.While that doesn’t sound like fun, and it wasn’t, well yeah it wasn’t. The Teak on the boat was gray. The back area, the swim platform didn’t get a lot better (it is better than it was) the main seating area of the boat looks amazing. We used the Star Bright products, and they worked like a charm! The cleaner got so much dirt out of the teak it was kind of scary. We had brown water leaving the boat for a good five minutes. The entire process wasn’t too bad.

It is a three-step process (cleaner, conditioner, and finally teak oil). I remembered the teak oil from my childhood. I helped my mother oil teak a few times over the years. The first thing we noticed was how much cleaner the wood looked after applying the cleaner. That made the wood look nice. Not as nice as it does now with the oil, but nice. Once the brighter was applied, the wood started to come alive.

Finally, the last step was applying the oil. That did the trick. The pictures are taken after the oil was applied. It was the US National Power Boat show weekend in Annapolis so traffic getting there and getting back was not good. The weather was overcast and cool. That, by the way, was a saving grace. We swabbed the deck and didn’t end up covered in sweat. I suspect this may be the most boring travel experience I’ve shared in awhile, but it fits in my family history rules. We share the images we have!


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