Wander project Seattle, pictures of virtually nothing…

The funny thing about camera phones is the person with the phone. These pictures were taken at a meeting in Seattle. I would like to say that there was a rhyme or reason to the pictures but it just isn’t there. I took pictures of just about everything. I think for the most part because I was bored. Not all meetings are riveting. Some are at best boring, and I remember sitting at a table for this particular meeting taking pictures of other things.

I even took pictures of the pattern on the carpet.

I am not, on my travel blog going to complain about meetings. Most of the images are of a suit; I don’t know why I took them. I have never owned or worn a red shirt in my life. The rest of the images were taken out of windows.

I guess when you consider the reality of meetings and the sheer boredom of travel sometimes, what I was capturing was boredom.

Some of the other pictures are blurry but appear to be my fingers.

Oh well!

What do you think?

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