Wander project Maryland circa 2011

We moved to Maryland in August 2011. For the first 18 months, we were in Maryland, we leased a house. I would like to say that after, by then what had been 18 years of owning a house, which we fell in love with leasing. We did not. First off the company that we worked with was the worst ever. Noah’s Properties of Gaithersburg Maryland, never really did get the house we were living in fixed. There were two things (refrigerator and dishwasher) that didn’t work the majority of the time we lived in the house.

But this isn’t a rant about Noah’s I’ve done that on Yelp. This is a series of images inside the house where we were living and the changes that happened. First of all, our kids have moved twice in a big way. By that, I mean moving more than 3 hours from where we had lived before. My wife and I moved to Cincinnati Ohio before the kids were born. My daughter comes first and then the boys. The boys and my daughter moved with us from Cincinnati back to Indiana and then of course off to Maryland in 2011.

The first thing I can say is that Maryland was very different than Indiana. In part because there was the concept of truly fresh seafood. That changed our diets over time because there were so many amazing opportunities to get fresh seafood. We also discovered the joy of fresh turkeys at the local Dutch Market. The other thing we discovered very quickly was the even a fifteen-minute trip can take an hour with DC traffic.


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