Wander project Louisville Kentucky

I read a post from another blogger about Louisville Kentucky. It is a city we often wandered to because it had one of the best parks according to my sons. They loved going there to play on the outdoor equipment that was set up as part of the park that stretches the length of the Ohio River. Well, not the length of the river itself, just the length of the river that touches the northern Part of Lousiville.

There are some great places to go and see in the City. It is the birthplace and longtime home of one of my all-time favorite sports hero Mohamed Ali. It is the home of the Louisville Slugger company that makes many of the baseball bats used in baseball throughout the US.

On the Indiana side of the river, as you head to Louisville there is a park that we often went to, as well. It is called the Falls of Indiana. It isn’t much of a falls compared to the Great Falls Parks of Maryland nad Virginia where the river changes altitude (about 200 feet in less than a ½ mile). It is after all the Ohio River which is pretty massive by the time it reaches Lousiville. But the geology and fossils you can see in the part are amazing.

All in all, Louisville was always one of our favorites get out of the house and go somewhere day trips! The kids all loved going to their favorite park. A win for everyone!


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