Wander project Greenwood, a family gathering!

There are a couple of special pictures in this post. One of them is of my wife’s entire family. A rare opportunity and one that included two of her aunt’s as well. My wife’s parents lived in Bloomington Indiana for many years, they retired and moved to Hot Springs Arkansas for some years (when I joined the family that is where they lived). Later they moved to Tallahassee Florida for a few years, and then finally returned to Indiana living in Franklyn the last few years of their life.

Barb’s Brother, who lives in Tallahassee came to visit with his daughter. The result was the pictures you see today. Oh yeah and a few more creatures I found from Nick’s Bionicies Zoo. We were all sitting in the living room of our house in Greenwood Indiana. Of course, there are a couple of pictures of Barb’s brother taking pictures and me taking a picture of him taking a picture, but that is to be expected when because I love doing that. Taking pictures of people taking pictures remains one of my favorite pictures to take!

Three of the people in the group photo are no longer with us. One of Barb’s aunts (seated at the far end of the couch) and both her parents are now gone. Seems strange to have holiday’s still without Barb’s parents around. Barb’s brother and niece still live in Tallahassee Florida. Time passes, and things are forgotten. That is the goal of the family history project, first of all to make all those pictures digital so they can be easily shared, stored and recovered. But also to share the memories of the moments that made us a family.


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Written by DocAndersen

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