Wander project Children’s Museum Indianapolis

We were members of the Riley Children’s Museum in Indianapolis for many years. Most of the years the kids were young, and we were in Greenwood. It is a museum that has five levels, and it is in a massive building. You don’t realize how big, cool or amazing it is until you go to children’s museums in other cities. Cincinnati also has a children’s museum that we have been to (in both of its locations in the past 20 years). It is small, cramped and nothing like the one in Indy.

Chicago also has one, location wise in a much cooler place than the one in Indy. The one in Chicago is on Navy Pier. But, it is also smaller and not as cool as the one in Indianapolis. Traditionally the one in Indianapolis has been rated one of the very best, top five children’s museums in the entire United States. I first went to the museum in my early 20’s. The building it is in now was built in the 1980’s and has been renovated several time since then.

My favorite all time exhibit at the museum was the Santa throughout time exhibit they have had on the 2nd floor for many years. It shows the many costumes, as well as the many vehicles that Santa has arrived in and used over the years. I also love the water clock that is in the center of the main entrance of the museum. When you come in, you see the water clock. You also see the cafeteria and the information deks, but the water clock is the cool feature.


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Written by DocAndersen

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