Wander project Annapolis, last trip to the boat for 2017

The last weekend with the boat on the water. We had to move from one slip to the other and wanted to see how the dry version of our teak cleaning turned out. We’ve, my wife and I, come to enjoy the time we spend just wandering the bay on the boat. Funny how things change over time and you develop new ideas about what is important. I suspect years ago, when the kids were little, we didn’t enjoy boating the same way.

In fact, I know we didn’t, back then it was a family thing. We fished, sunbathed and towed kids on the tubes behind the boat. It was both recreation and escape. Now it is more escape. For a time leaving behind all the things that are on land and heading away from shore for a time. I guess like anything you have to consider what it is you need versus what it is you want. Sometimes finding the harmony within is a greater need than simply quelling the sound the sound of the world around you.

We moved the boat from one side of the dock to another. The dock was being repaired, and the fueling station on the fuel dock was being replaced. Our slip sits right next to the fuel dock, so we had to move the boat. You don’t want heavy machines lifting and dropping things around your boat; it is just one slip until something destroys the canvas of your boat! So we moved from one side to the other side at the request of the marina. Seemed like a fair request to me!


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Written by DocAndersen

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