Wander project Annapolis Harbor Bonus Pictures…

Bonus pictures and some fun things to see. First off, our boat isn’t that big. When you come around from behind the dredging equipment and are face to face with a mega yacht, you realize how small you are in the universe. Our boat could fit inside the megayacht shown, and that boat would still have room for the Helo pad on the rear. (Slow down Captain I am trying to land my helicopter on the back of the boat!)

The cool thing about Annapolis Harbor is there are a bunch of restaurants you a just roll up to in your boat, and grab lunch. That is a really fun thing. This coming weekend we are going to try one of the inner harbor restaurants just to see what it is like. There are also many restaurants on the other side of the Bay Bridge (on Kent Island) that we are going to try as well, but that is a project for next year. For now, boating season is winding down.

With the end of boating season comes cleaning season. There are some things you have to clean before you store your boat for the winter.  You have to clean off the mud and other stuff you’ve tracked onto the boat. You have to take the items off the boat that will freeze (it costs a lot of money to store a boat indoors). The crew will power wash the boat so there won’t be any weeds and other debris when we start out next year. But the washing of the decks and other treatments that need to be done fall to the owners. Reminds me of painting the barn on my father’s mini-farm many years ago. Someone has to do it, and as my father would always say “it might as well be you!”


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