Wander project in the air on the way to Chicago…

Of whiteboards and white clouds. I did for many years travel. Leaving sometimes on Sunday night or often Monday at the crack of dawn. Funny by the way, when you travel from one place for many years, you come to realize that you are traveling with the same 5-7 people every week. You begin to learn who they are, what they are doing and their lives. One trip I got to sit next to John Laskowski, the IU basketball player, and announcer. He was the nicest person. He actually thanks me for being a fan. Gracious man and I enjoyed talking to him on the house long flight to Chicago that day.

Another time I got to sit in First Class with Peyton Manning. He was the nicest person. Afterward, I found out that he was in incredible pain. He was flying to Chicago for the next surgery that would keep him out of football for the following season. But you wouldn’t have known it. He sat in the airplane, and then stood in the terminal signing autographs for the people on the plane. A very nice person and well, sometimes like the first tow, meeting your idols is a good thing!

I won’t mention the bad experience I had sitting next to a quasi-celebrity on the plane. Like the people I flew with the e3veyr single week, we knew the flight. We knew which approach to Chicago we were taking simply by looking down to see where we were. Southside, heading out to Lake Michigan was the normal course, but how far out over Lake Michigan determined the height and length of the flight. Normally 35 minutes in the air, but 15 minutes taxiing in Indy, and up to 30 minutes hovering over Chicago in the air before the 15-minute taxi at OHare. It is bad when you know things by the minute.


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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