Venturing beyond ‘The World’s End’ and surviving

The sign was a bit spooky. “The World’s End,” it said.

Did that mean we would fall into nothingness if we walked past? I ventured forth and survived.

I also discovered that back in the 16th century, Edinburgh, Scotland, was a walled city.

The walls of the city were located right outside this pub named The World’s End so to long-ago residents it must have felt as though the world ended once they passed through those gates.

Parts of the wall still exist in the foundations of the bar building and at the bottom of St. Mary’s Street.

As far as the people of Edinburgh were concerned, outside of these gates was no longer their world. They must have felt little reason to travel past the walls.

On the other hand, I am in Edinburgh for a short visit before boarding the M/V Corinthian for a cruise with Grand Circle Cruise Line. What a great big wonderful world I am sure we will discover on our cruise.


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