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Types of India e Visa and their Validities

A vast number of tourists, business and other officials, and international students visit India for various purposes every year. For every foreign national, who wishes to visit India must possess an approved visa. Obtaining an Indian Visa is not an easy task that it requires a long process of visiting the embassy and wait for approval. For people who tend to stay for a few days in the country with a specific purpose, this hectic long procedure can hold them back from traveling. Knowing this, the government of India has introduced a new system called ‘e-Visa’ in April 2017. Visitors visiting the country for a short period to easily obtain their visa by applying for an Indian e visa online in less time without much struggle.

The e-visa comprises of three main categories, such as e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, and e-Medical Visa. Apart from these, the e-Visa also contains two more additional categories viz., e-Medical Attendant Visa and E-Conference Visa. The types of Visas mentioned above are neither extendable nor convertible.

The validity of e-visa varies according to the purpose of the visit and the categories they belong to. Among the three of them, the e-Tourist visa has three forms of validity. Tourists opting for one-month e-tourist visa can stay in the country for up to 30 days with multiple entries of two. On the other hand, one-year and five-year e-tourist visas are valid for 365 days starting from the date of arrival. With the last two types of visas, one can pay multiple entries. Many visitors apply for an e-Business Visa if the purpose of the visit is related to business and trading. The e-Business visa is valid for a year, and visitors holding this visa can make multiple visits. Visitors Traveling to India for health check-ups and treatment can obtain an e-Medical Visa. Quite fortunately, they can accompany a partner to look after him by obtaining an e-Medical attendant visa. For both types of visas, the validity is for 60 days, starting from the date of arrival with multiple visits of three times.

Many foreign nationals also visit India to attend conferences and other official meetings. Visitors having this type of purpose can apply for e-Conference Visa. Having an e-conference Visa, a visitor can stay in the country for up to 30 days. In this type of visa, the visa holder has an entry permit of only one time.

Every visitor should remember that the validity of these visas not extendable. And the categories of these visas are also not convertible from one to another. It is also necessary to know that the one-year validity of an e-tourist visa doesn’t mean that he/she can stay for the entire year continuously. Depending on the visitor’s home country, an e-Tourist Visa allows staying not more than 90-180 days in India. When citizens of the UK, US, Japan, and Canada can stay for up to 180 days, the citizens of other countries are allowed only for 90 days.

These are some of a few criteria that would be helpful to know while applying for India e Visa. It will always be the best thing to check your eligibility requirements and validity of your Visa before entering the country.


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