Tourist looking at Las Geel rock-art, Somaliland, Somalia


Top 10 most famous places to visit in Somalia

The shores of the Indian Ocean, legendary pirate stories, the native culture of the indigenous people, the pleasant and hot climate, the beaches rarely visited by people looking as if they are private, beaches – flights to Somalia really have many motives. Holidays in this country will not only allow you to discover the interesting and undiscovered culture and history but also to escape from the bustle of people and have a wonderful rest.

Shanghai’s Old Town Mogadishu is an exclusive Chinese architectural monument. The National Museum of Somalia will make it possible to get into the history of Somalia, see artifacts, traditional arts, musical instruments, etc.  The museum itself is located in a charming palace.

Kismayo National Park with orange sand and green shrubs can boast enchanting natural imagery and wildlife. So, it is imperative to try the safari in the surroundings of the wild Kismayo nature, watching the wildlife performances with its characters: lions, antelopes, zebras, leopards, etc. Here you will see no less drama than in the real performance. Barbera’s seaside resort is surrounded by not only fantastic beauty beaches, clear waters, palm-lobbies, but also one of the world’s finest coral reefs. Not only are the beaches of Barbera surrounded by coral reefs, but also the vast majority of Somali coastlines.


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