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Top 10 most famous sights to see in Israel

Israel is the Promised Land, it’s yellow Jerusalem built down not like from the stones, but from honey stones, a yellow honey desert with rivers flowing through it, it’s the land of many gods and many people, it’s a cypresses like candles shooting to heaven, it’s a biblical images and small dusty asses, rubbing the poor grass, it’s an alive history and the Dead Sea… Today Israel is a colorful mosaic of cultures and religions.

Not only will you relax and enjoy the warmth, but you will also visit important historical and religious sites and you will surely be able to experience the benefits of the Dead Sea.

There are just a few countries around the globe who have such a small territory as Israel and can boast such a rich history and plenty of attractions, a variety of natural wonders and a colorful cultural kaleidoscope. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Nazareth are cities that the whole world knows about. And where else is the Dead Sea, the Negev and Judean deserts, and the sunny coast of the Mediterranean? Israel has prepared for you not only a lesson in history but also a great rest.

Holidays in Israel, Christian, Jewish and Muslim in the Holy Land, will revert to ancient times and help forget the everyday troubles … Enjoy every moment of the journey by following the paths of pilgrims to the holy places of Jerusalem, enjoying breathtaking natural works, or floating in the Dead Sea.


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