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The world first hydrogen-powered train in Germany

Germany : The world’s first environment friendly train has been start in Germany. At present only two  hydrogen-powered trains has started its operation and these trains will set a 60-minute journey. This train is called hydrail and also works just like usual trains. However, it has been installed to make it environmentally friendly, which will generate electricity by hydrogen and oxygen and from the same electricity the train will be run.

A tank full of hydrogen in the hydrail train will be enough for 300 passengers traveling 500 mils. The private company, who manufactures the world’s first hydrogen train, has welcomed the new train expansion in the environment friendly technology sector.

CEO of the train-making company says, that these two trains run on experimental basis and more 14 trains will be ready til 2021, which will prove to be the end of pollution and diesel trains that destroy environment.

Be clear Diesel trains are causing intense pollution to the environment, Hydrail train has been developed for avoiding environmental pollution and low-cost train system, which was announced last year.


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