Thanksgiving Wander Project…

This week, starting today and wandering until Wednesday the wander project is going to share images of Thanksgiving past. It was, until 2011 an annual event for all of us to wander down to mom and dad’s house on Kinser Pike and hang out for a day. I do have to say I have many fond memories of those days. My all-time favorite Thanksgiving though happened many years before. It was when I was a little child probably somewhere around 7 or 8 years old.

We were at my Grandparents house on the lake in Wisconsin. My grandmother had started the process of cooking. She shooed my aunt out of the kitchen. Then she shooed my mother out of the kitchen. No one was allowed in Grandmother’s kitchen. I don’t know why that was the day I decided I wanted to learn how to cook. Or that it was the day I wanted to learn from my grandmother. I had watched her cook many times, but never Thanksgiving.

I went into the kitchen after she shooed my aunt and mother out and asked if I could help. She said yes. We spent the rest of the morning making the most amazing food. I learned so much about cooking from my Grandmother, (ok mom, you were also a great teacher). My grandmother was the best pie maker ever. For many years my choice of birthday dessert was not cake but was a homemade blueberry pie. I won’t say I have teased my mother about being allowed in Grandma kitchen after she was kicked out. Well actually, I have a few times. Ok, it has come up every Thanksgiving since the first time it happened.


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