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Punishment for Indian Tourists

India is among tens of countries that have implemented lockdown measure to contain the pandemic disease, COVID-19. This is a form of social distancing which slows the spread of the virus.

Ten tourists in India broke the government’s lockdown rule to stay in for 21 days unless to buy essential things. The tourists were from US, Israel, Mexico, Australia and Austria.

They were caught by police walking on the banks of the Ganges River the previous weekend. 

The tourists could have been fined for breaking the law. Instead, they were told to write 500 times the words, ‘I did not follow the lockdown rules, I am very sorry.”

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  1. The most important thing these [people don’t realize is India is huge country and it would be really hard to stop the virus if these laws are broken. It is important to respect the laws of the land you are in, especially in times like these.


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