Silver Lake is a beautiful tourist destination ….

The Silver Lake is a beautiful tourist destination on the Danube near Velika Gradište. The vicinity of Belgrade and the highway route make this location one of the most popular places for rest and spending in Serbia. The silver lake is partly because of its beauty, and partly due to its position one of the most visited domestic tourist destinations. It was located on the right bank of the Danube and once it was his glove, so that later two dams would be reconstructed and thus formed the Silver Lake.

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When in the afternoon the sun goes up for the Carpathians and thousands of silver sparks cover the water, the Silver Lake gets a silver color, hence this name. The Silver Lake is 110 km from Belgrade, 190 km from Novi Sad, 30 km from Pozarevac and 2 km from Veliko Gradiste. Lengths of 14 km and width of 300m, depth of about 8 meters, is an ideal place for vacation, swimmers, water skiers, fishermen or those who want to enjoy nature and walks in these parts. The silver lake has a bow shape and is located at 70m above sea level. The many sand dunes that purify water make this lake and its surroundings a natural rarity, rich in flora and fauna.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak