Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been long a commonwealth territory of the U.S. Back on October 18, 1898, American troops who fought in the Spanish-American War raised the U.S. flag in Puerto Rico and took control of this once Spanish colony.

Unfortunately, this country has had a long history of invasions beginning with the Spanish exploration of the island in 1493. Then in 1508, the Spanish set up their first settlement in the town of Caparra.

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Along came Carib Indians and raided the island then also the French, British, and Dutch pirates. The Spanish built a walled fort called El Morrow in 1533 to protect the narrow entrance to the San Juan Harbor.Later on after 1830 the sugar, coffee, and tobacco plantations thrived and the population grew. By 1900 there were nearly a million people on the island. Puerto Rico got full U.S. citizenship when it became a U.S. territory. Many people relocated from the country to the city with industries growing. In the 1920s Puerto Ricans knew that there was more employment in the cities than in the outskirts.Puerto Rico earns the most money from its exports such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, electronic goods, rum, canned tuna, and apparel.Tourists enjoy visiting the island and visit cities like the capital, San Juan, Vieques, Culebra, as well as the El Yunque National Forest.The photo is of the capital San Juan.


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