Most Comfortable Means of Transport From Southampton to London

Traveling in London includes many exciting activities, and sightseeing Southampton is one of them. Thanks to its mesmerizing sites and amazing food options, Southampton is a popular place for those who are touring in London. Southampton is about 128 km from the nearest milestone in London. On a decent day with a perfect road, a vehicle will reach you in London within about 2 hours. Then again, there are trains for London Waterloo to Southampton that take around 80 to 100 minutes. The boring part is departing to Waterloo from your hotel. There is no uninterrupted train for Southampton to Heathrow Airport. The only direct conveyance available is by programmed public transport or other bus services. Read on to know more about these places.


The key trains amid Southampton and London dismiss at London’s Waterloo station. These are the latest and the fastest routes of getting to London, but not London’s chief airports. London Waterloo is situated far from many hotels. If you are checking in a hotel near the Bayswater, Paddington and Marble Arch hotel areas; you may choose a more interesting way passing from London’s Paddington Station and shifting trains at Reading to dodge the walk across town from London Waterloo. You can take direct trains also from Southampton to Gatwick that take a rather different route along the south coast of England then ready for London at Victoria Station through Gatwick Airport. On Sundays, these nonstop trains don’t operate, so you need to switch trains perhaps at Clapham Junction where the trains for Gatwick Airport to London cross with the Southampton to Waterloo trains. Using trains between Southampton and London, while possible, is not practical since there are other bus and transport services which offer a cheaper and effortless journey than the trains.

National Express Coaches

The prime substitute to Train from Southampton to London is arranged public conveyance which are bus services offered by National Express. There are discrete services amid Central London and Southampton, Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport. These buses are pretty slow and inexpensive when compared to the train services. They are contemporary cooled buses with restrooms. Important for people on trips is the luggage budget, 2 bags none of which should be heavier than 20 kg before sheer prices commence. You would need to hire a cab to and from cruises to reach the bus station since the depot at Southampton is through the train station. In London, the bus journey ends at Victoria Coach Station, which is the sole stop, you will not get the luxury of landing at your hotel if you are using these coaches to travel.

Convenient Conveyances

After going through all these options, if you are still reading that means you also understand that you need a more reliable, comfortable, and convenient transport service from Southampton to London. That brings you to private conveyances that offer a variety of vehicle support from sedan to minibus, cruise services, and fast airport transfers. Such services can be found online once you land. The loveliest thing about these private charters is that they also offer sightseeing and guides to make your tour a memorable one. Thanks to a private vehicle, there is no entourage liability and you can travel hassle-free anytime. If the charges of such services are your concern, then you should know that these companies charge similar to express coaches if you have selected a reasonable vehicle.

Traveling in Southampton and reaching London for work or pleasure should be hassle-free, reliant, and cost-effective. Make sure you are aware of your requirements so you can also have a comfortable journey.


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