Make Your Every Road Trip Pet-Friendly

Ever since the ancient times, humans have maintained a strong relationship with animals, be it as pet and owner or a hunter or prey. The notable relations of these two kinds of creation have been due to the inherent superiority over animals has seen the human use of animals as a rich source of food and hides for clothing.

However, as times changed and the primitive man evolved, he saw the need of a trusted companion in animal pets. The first animal known to have been domesticated, is the dog for its functional roles that ranged from helping man shepherd to providing security.

Therefore, domestic animals became incorporated into people’s lives and they have taken a significant chunk of human time to an extent they have become members of families. They are included in every aspect of human life like going on vacations to engaging in family movie nights. Leaving a pet at home can cause turmoil within your family.

This article will highlight some of the ways you can plan to make your trip pet-friendly and ensure your pet is always around for your trips.

• Let Your Pet Familiarize with Your Mode of Transport

It is vital to discern whether or not, your pet can persevere the long journey without getting uneasy. Before the drive, let your dog be acquainted with your car by taking it for rides for almost the same distance you will be covered for a certain amount of time. The routine prepares your dog by allowing it to get accustomed to the amount of time and conditions under which they will be traveling.

• Tag Your Pet

Pets, unlike children, require constant shepherding to ensure they do not wander off and get lost or get eaten by other dangerous animals. It is essential to make a tagging bracelet for your pet with its name and your contact information in case your pet gets lost you are easily accessed. Therefore, before your trip ensure your pet is tagged as a precaution measure.

• Prepare Vets’ List

Pets are prone to contracting disease very fast, especially due change in their typical environment. Vaccinate your dog before the trip and search for reliable veterinary doctors along the route you will be traveling to ensure in case of an emergency you are fully covered.

• Think Ahead and Reserve Pet-Welcoming Hotels

Whenever you are thinking of taking a road trip with your dog, it is paramount to do due diligence in locating pet-friendly establishments that will not freeze your dog due to ‘no animals’ policy. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience and frustration during your trip, plan to find quality hotels that open their doors to all creatures. Purpose of finding pet-friendly packages that do not charge accommodation fee for pets too.

• Add Additional Stops into Your Trip

Dogs can get agitated when they are exposed to conditions that cause a toll on their body. Long journeys are synonymous with fatigue and hunger both in humans and pets. Pets are not wired to persevere against the effects of fatigue and they either bark, purr which can be uncomfortable during a journey. Thus, it is essential to make periodic layovers during your trip to allow yourself and companions including your pet loosen up. The stretching can take 15-20 minutes, and then you resume your drive, then stop after another 3 or 4 hours to stretch again. It helps keep your pet engrossed and able to enjoy the trip.

Therefor, the pets’ place in society cannot be denied anymore because they offer us very many benefits. The over-reliance on them has made them integral members of many families whose wellbeing need to be taken seriously as any other members of the family. Hence, for your next trip plan with these useful tips to ensure you and your pet enjoy the best holiday.


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