Living on the Holodeck -4

As those who live on the islands have ‘seen the show before’, they know what to expect from the visitor.

They know that people who might scratch for a living in their home countries, arrive in a place where their money is so valuable, they feel like millionaires,  

These nobodies try to boss the locals around with an attitude that belongs to a dictator.

Getting this ‘power’  feeling as if they have said;  “Computer, bring up program Caribbean Island Number 4” and suddenly it all appears, encourages their totalitarian behaviour.

The locals, knowing what to expect avoid tourist spots, unless they work there.

Often, a local will  see the foreign woman with a local man entering a supermarket, and knows he’s a male prostitute.

The foreign woman might think she met a man she could love, but the public knows a Beach Boy is using his meal ticket.


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Written by jaylar

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