Lanzarote Island – Life on the Volcano

Lanzarote is not only the volcanoes of Timanfaya, but it is also something more. Although the first impression was, most likely, surprise and even a little fear. It seemed that life was not here, as if we had hit another planet. They sailed from Fuerteventura expecting something unusual, almost mystical. Not a single guide can convey the spirit of the island.

The temperature was about 30 degrees, but for some reason, the heat was not suffocating. The length of the island is about 60 km., The maximum width is 25 km. There are more than 300 volcanoes on the island. Moreover, not all of them sleep. In 1730, 30 volcanoes began to rage at the same time, the eruption lasted 6 years.

It is easy to rent a car on the island. We did this in advance, so the car was served to us almost to the port. There are signs on all roads, so getting lost is almost impossible. And having a traveler’s application on your phone – everything is simply unrealistic.

The main attraction is the Timanfaya Volcano Park. The scenery here is breathtaking. It is forbidden to go there – they carry on a bus.

You can ride a camel here, but I once rode already and the second time I didn’t want to climb on this desert ship winging smoothly on the way. 

By the way, the restaurant “El Diablo” cooks meat on a volcanic grill. I can’t say that it is very different from that prepared on the grill or stove, but it’s interesting to try the devilish cuisine.

It worth looking at so-called picons. Yes, grapes grow on a volcanic island, in such holes.

The whole island was as if shrouded in haze, and this further enhances the feeling of being in space.

The opportunity to touch the lava, to go through the volcano, to smell its characteristic smell is something unreal. 

It was terribly unfortunate that in the Timanfaya National Park you cannot get off the bus for at least a few minutes! It is interesting that throughout the route, on the bus, played a very interesting, mysterious, sometimes very intense some kind of melody, which further enhanced the impression of what was seen.

After the tour, we were brought to the observation deck. The guide took an armful of dry lichen and threw them into the pit … the lichen caught fire like a match … This volcanic bonfire still stands before my eyes … seeing this, you involuntarily understand how weak the man is in front of the Earth.

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