History of Coyoacan, Frida Kahlo's Hometown

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

This NYC Youtuber invites a Mexico City tour guide to explore the Mexico City architecture and Frida Kahlo’s hometown, Coyoacan.

Frida’s father was a Polish photographer. Frida’s house was painted in bold colors of blue, green and reddish-brown because she liked the colors.

A park for the elderly.

Lots of artistic buildings and some buildings look very new. A colorful school. A gym. A churros store reminds me of the City of Santa Ana, here in California. Sidewalk cafes and outdoor tented dining.

Gargoyles without faces on a building.

September 15th—Independence Day in Mexico City. They ring a bell by a building.

Moroccan architecture.

Aztecs are indigenous ancestors. They sacrificed many animals. They had an empire. They built the Dominican Church. There was a Spanish graveyard in front of this church, but the huge cross statue.

There is a park. And, restaurants with sidewalk cafes. A Coyote statue on a fountain is the symbolic animal for the town, Coyocan, kind of like a mascot.

Mostly Catholics, but there are now some Protestants.

Earthquakes damaged some structures.

Franciscans were hippies because they were poor. They steal anything.

Indrani Torres Lechuga is the tour guide on this video. Instagram: satadratu

Big houses for rich people, mostly owned by Spaniards. Diego De Ordaz.

English architecture. Government house.

There is an Italian community in Mexico City.

Modern buildings with some burlesque. Functional and modernism.

Arzanzazu building has a courtyard in the middle with a fountain.

Alley by yellow building. someone killed a kid in this alley. Few people saw this murder. During 12 am, in this alley, there are ghosts of a kid screaming as well as a wolf howling. Sometimes, people hear horses.

Virgin Del Carmen vigil.

Colorful street art painted on a wall with the famous Aztec pink salamander. Surreal paintings of avocado as a naked woman’s womb.

A woman ghost comes out crying. She hated the Aztecs. She was a mixture of European and native indigenous Indian.

They have Affogato at a Café.

Ruins of pyramids underneath the ground from Aztec tribes.


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