Dracula’s Castle in Romania

Saturday, 10.13.18

I decided to watch this video because it is almost Halloween. In the game Yoworld, this week’s theme is Dracula’s Castle in Romania, where I am decorating a couple of rooms for this Yoworld castle as well as creating creepy Yoworld outfits for my avatar. I will probably post it here later.

I also wanted to check out this video because a lot of people have always told me that I look Romanian.

Bran Stoker is an author from Dublin, Ireland, and he has never been to Romania. He wrote the book, Dracula.

This castle looks interesting. It would be fun to go there and check it out. I would love to go to Romania and photograph this whole village. The architecture looks cool.

Vlad the Impaler and his torture method

Queen Maria of Romania


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