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Just signed up.  My cover image is from the balcony of Starbucks (not my favorite coffee shop/chain) in Blackrock, Co Dublin, July 2019.  That day started off bad.  My daughter Sophie was getting her Fiat 500 NCT’d.  The NCT is the national road test for cars in Ireland, it is very strict.  This morning her car failed, the front left tyre had a bulge and the tester stuck a “this car is dangerous to drive” sticker on the windshield.We drove out of the test centre and to Blackrock  and into a tyre garage.  They suggested replacing the front two tyres as one was a winter tyre and the other summer tyre.  The price was fair and they went about their business.  We went to Starbucks because I knew they had a balcony and the weather was good.  So, circumstances lead myself and Sophie to have a nice cup of coffee and chat looking over the irish sea and Dublin bay, great.  BTW, my favourite coffee shop is Butlers, get a hot chocolate there on a cold day if you are in Dublin, yummy.


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Written by Ken Forsyth

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