Bike to These Attractions in Central Park

Biking around Central Park is one of the best ways to see as much as possible, without wasting any time or energy. While Central Park may look small on a map, it is really an expansive territory that contains attractions, recreational spaces, statues, bodies of water, and much more. Central Park bike rental allows park visitors to speed through the park, stopping where they want, for an enjoyable day of exploration. As you bike around, consider stopping at these attractions to really experience all that Central Park has to offer.

Belvedere Castle

Near the middle of the park is Belvedere Castle. This building was designed in the late 1800’s and sits at the very top of Vista Rock. Park your rental bike at the bottom and venture up to the top of the castle. When you reach the top, you will be met with breathtaking views of the entire park. Take a few minutes to absorb everything Central Park has to offer and the Central Park bike rental that got you there.

Central Park Zoo

Animal lovers should also make a stop at the Central Park Zoo. Near 5th Avenue and 64th, this zoo boasts more than 130 varieties of species for visitors to experience. Wander the zoo and give your bike a break for just a little bit. Take this opportunity to see animals small and large from rare spiders to full-grown polar bears.

Significant Statues

All throughout Central Park are monuments from different times, places, and universes. While there are so many to see, here are 6 great statues to explore by bike. For example, there is a bronze statue of William Shakespeare just a short bike ride away from the Central Park Zoo. From there, your bike rental in Central Park can quickly take you up to the B alto statue, the heroic sled dog that is a favorite for children. Hop back on your bike and take a short ride to where the park reaches 74th street. Here you will find author Hans Christian Andersen, and close by, Alice in Wonderland.

Don’t miss any of these attractions! A Central Park bike rental can ensure you get from one destination to the next much faster than the other guests that choose to walk. Swiftly move from statue to the zoo to the castle, at the pace that’s right for you. New York City is a bustling place, but Central Park is an oasis in the middle, just waiting for you to come and explore!


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