Beautiful Peshawar 2017 HD | Clean and Green Peshawar


Peshawar which is called as the Land of Beauty. Peshawar is the capital of province KPK (khebar Pakhtunkhwa) in Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan and the tourism is increasing day by day towards this city. Pakistan famous food restaurants are in Peshawar. Their dishes include Chapli Kabab, Korma, Fish and one of the famous restaurant here is Charsi Tikka. People from all over Pakistan come to enjoy the taste of their dishes.

The majority here are Pakhtoons but now people from whole Pakistan love to live here and move towards this beautiful city. It is one of the safest place in Pakistan in which many Army and Military Camps are present. Buses are mostly used here for transportation and the people of Peshawar are polite,humble and respectable.


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Written by Maria khan