Beach Boys – Bajan Style – 4

The Beach Boy of Barbados did not go into any deep planning. There was no sense of permanency.  He had no need to play the besotted lover.  

The ‘relationship’ was here and now.   He would do what was required as long as he was fed,  given pocket money.

The Middle Aged Woman from abroad enjoyed her three week fling, then returned to where she came from without strings, without carry forward emotions.

At the end, the Woman often handed the Beach Boy whatever stray local currency she had, maybe as a top up a few pounds or dollars, maybe bought him a gift.

Then, she went to the airport, back to reality.

Both parties knew, from inception, the parameters of the relationship.

There was no love, this was not an affair.  This was what it was, part of the package of a Bajan holiday.


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Written by jaylar

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