Beach Boys – Bajan Style – 3

As the proto beach boy dresses respectfully,  the tourist might assume he was ‘someone’ and not mind being escorted  into the hotel by him.

This dressing as if attending a prestigious office was the ‘standard’ of the beach boy.  It not only made him seem of a certain level, but attracted the middle aged woman  he went for.  

Beach boys chose  the unattractive middle aged woman, for the  younger woman, she in her late teens or twenties, would not ‘buy’ a beach boy.  She would assume he was attracted to her and  wanted to date her.  Hence she would not be picking up the tab and be offended that he dared to demean her by suggesting she had to pay him for his time.

The  older, overweight unattractive woman close to fifty knew exactly what the beach boy wanted, and what she wanted.

If one strode along  the beach front of particular hotels the scene was dozens of older women, white, with younger men, black.  

The beach boy behaved, on one hand as her personal waiter. He’d get her drinks, rub suntan oil on her back, and then go to her room when requested.

In these relationships the man was the submissive partner.  


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