Beach Boys – Bajan Style – 2

In Barbados, locals couldn’t just walk into tourist hotels.  Security would stop them.  The only way locals could enter was if they were with a tourist.  

Having never had a slave uprising, having been a colony of Britain from 1627 it inculcated the English systems not with a sense of reluctance, but embrace.

In 1966, when Barbados took Independence, it did not sever ties with England.

The status of citizens of the United Kingdom continued to be high.   For the Bajan ‘subjecting’ themselves to the desires of those citizens was not a problem, in fact it was seen as an opportunity.

There were local Bajan men who  had outside jobs, but on week ends or holidays,  dress as if going to work to look ‘decent’ and stand outside  the hotel and see if they could attract a tourist.

If he did gain the attention of a foreign woman, and could walk into the hotel with her,  he was allowed. If she didn’t respond to he would have to wait outside until another tourist came along.


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