Beach Boy – The Female Buyer – 4

One must fully recognise the level of ownership exerted by the female over the male in this relationship.

This is not  the strong willed or nagging woman, this is the Owner. It is as if slavery has been reintroduced.

This is because the woman knows that the only reason this man is with her is because she is supporting him.   She knows he doesn’t love her,  he might not even like her.  But that doesn’t matter.

Like a Boss From Hell  aware that his employees hate him but doesn’t care as long as the work is done, so too the female Owner.

She knows that any freedom she grants her husband will be exploited so she needs to keep him under her control.    She knows that any friend she allows him might become a conspirator.  

She ‘walls’ him off from everyone but herself and those ‘on her side’.

In her country he may not be fluent in her language, his citizenship might not be automatic.  

 Once he is fluent, once he has citizenship, the restrictions need to be increased, for she is sure that if she opens the door a crack, he will race away.


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Written by jaylar

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