Beach Boy – Jamaican Style – Who Used Who? – 2

In Jamaica were many cases of local men who had married foreign women who returned to their home country and never communicated with them, much less helped them gain a VISA.

Many Rentas could not grasp the fact that although they were ‘using’ the Goose,  in truth,  she was using them.

The ‘Goose’ who came to Jamaica for Sunsplash, was assumed to be easy pickings.  Many were actually  using the Renta for a name, a change of status and, if they wanted, Jamaican citizenship.

Many foreign women wound up in the position of Terry McMillian, who wrote ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’.

The book describes the relationship McMillian thought she had with a Jamaican Beach boy.   She assumed this younger man was madly in love with her and that she wore the pants in the relationship.

She didn’t realise she had married a man who was actually a homosexual looking to leave Jamaica and simply using her.


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