Beach Boy -Jamaican Style – Who Used Who? – 1

Sunsplash became a place where  women who had messed up their  lives, came to find a ‘husband’.  They would marry and return to their home country as “MRS.”

Becoming Mrs;  a MARRIED woman,  enabled them to change their lives.   Finding a poor fool to marry them would have been difficult, dangerous, embarrassing, in their home countries.   

A Professor at University, marrying a semi-literate gardener or a 35 year old Executive, marrying the 22 year old who served at a restaurant she lunched, would make it clear that she ‘bought’ the man she called ‘husband’.

But!  Going overseas, coming back with a marriage certificate allowed her to construct whatever lies would work.  She could say he was a  Professor at the University of the West Indies, or an entrepreneur in Ocho Rios.   She could lie and continue until such time she either found someone, had a quickie and got pregnant,  or some other turning point.

Then she could divorce her husband.  Her baby would be legitimate.  Or she was able to get a loan in her new name.

Pitifully few sent for their ‘husbands’ for to most, it was a marriage in name only.

The question of who used who could be asked.

The Rentadread had gone to Sunsplash to find a ‘goose’ who would support him, and get him a VISA.  The ‘Goose’ had gone to Sunsplash to  ‘Rent a dread’ who could marry her and give her a new name.

In most cases, the Renta never got the VISA.


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