Beach Boy – Jamaican Style – 4

One of the facts of life is that people talk.  They share ideas.   Just as the Jamaican man found out about the desies of women who came to Sunsplash, so grew dread locks and pretended affection, foreign women shared their experiences.

Though many were just sea, sun, sound, sex, and although a few ‘fell in love’  with their Renta, a number realised the value of ‘buying a husband’.

Here they were, 1st world women who could flash a passport and travel the world, and there they were, 3rd women men, who might not even own a passport and certainly couldn’t go to particular countries without a VISA.

So here is a woman who had a sorry life.  Men used her, treated her with scant regard.   Now here, in this tropical paradise, men are gathered at her feet.   She rules them.  She makes the choice.  She gets the ‘on paper’ husband   whom she abandons.  A man who can exert no power.

The idea of this control had dozens of women arriving to find a suitable partner, marry him, and fly home as “MRS.”

They wanted to be MRS as they had pretty much messed up as Miss and wanted any child they bore to be ‘legitimate’ although the MR on the marriage certificate was unlikely to be the father.

The Rentadread thought he was the only one with the scheme.  Thought by pretending to be in love with his goose he’d get the world.

The woman who wanted to be MRS was way ahead of him, for she knew, before she boarded that plane to Jamaica, she was coming back with a marriage certificate.

She was coming back to get new documents in her married name, get a new life as MRS.  and had absolutely no intention of communicating with her on paper husband until the day she had him served with divorce papers.


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