Beach Boy – Jamaican Style -3

The Rentadreads hit upon an easy scheme to get into Sunsplash ‘free’.

There were booths which sold food and crafts.  If one rented a booth they got  five free passes for the extent of Sunsplash.   This meant, more than five ‘dreads’ could get together, pay for the booth, load it with stuff they had or picked up or made, whatever.   Of course, they weren’t really selling craft, , they were selling themselves.

They expected sex, free food, maybe lodging in a hotel or guest house, and the goose’s extra cash when she left the island.

As the basic trip was three weeks,  practised Geese would book a hotel for three weeks, starting the First Day of Sunsplash, then have two more weeks,  with their own Dread to take them around Mobay and supply them with ganja.

Some sought to make a real relationship out of this casual interlude.

As the possibility of marriage/VISA was on the table, many Rentadreads saw an opportunity.


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