Beach Boy – Importation


When a Third World Man marries a First World Woman, who imports him to her country, he must appreciate he is a subordinate with bed privilege.

If he can park his ego, if he can let go of the sense of being ‘the man’ and behave were he a child and she his care giver whom he must obey, he will survive.

He will get things he could never buy for himself, he will never be hungry or dirty or ragged.  

If he fathers children he will have another generation of ‘supporters’ so will not have to worry who will take care of him in his later years.

If he tries to exert himself, if he resists, argues, demands, he is put out with the trash.

For many men, swallowing their ego, jettisoning their sense of ‘manhood’, will allow them to survive.


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Written by jaylar

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