Beach Boy – Conclusion

There are women who come to Third World Countries to relax on the beach or attend some festival without plan.

They don’t know that there are men who have plans.  Men who are looking for that ‘goose’  who will lay them that ‘Golden Egg’.

Some men, like the standard Bajan Beach Boy are only expecting a few weeks of sex, good food, gifts and good bye.   Some, like Renta Dreads also expect a similar set of benefits.

And, there are those who want the VISA.

Don’t think the man is dazzled by you.  That he loves you.  It is a ridiculous as a man thinking the prostitute he just paid for is ‘in love’ with him.

Beach Boys and Renta-Dreads will do what it takes to get into your pocket. That is what they want.

You want no strings fun, fine.  But never think they love you.  Never think they want to marry you because they ‘love’ you;  they want the VISA.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beauty queen, a famous author, or nobody.  

Beach Boys  are like that lovable sales person who works on commission.  They are selling you themselves.

Love has nothing to do with it.



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Written by jaylar

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