Beach Boy – Back Story


Many of those from Third World countries have  arrived from virtually no parent families.   Often they have no father or an occasional visiting one.   Often single  mothers who are young, park the child somewhere to go on with life.

To  attend school,  to have a uniform and books is, for many, a dream.

To graduate High School is the greatest achievement and to get a job, a real job in an office is considered success.

However,  eventually he will realise that he has no future. He will be a clerk until retired and then try to live off the pennies of his pension, if he gets one.  Maybe he fathers children he can barely feed.

His life ends when he realises this is as far as he can go.

The only chance might be to find a wealthy woman who will buy him what he can’t buy himself.  His mates will laugh and ridicule him for his big older gal, and she will treat him like a gardener in front of her friends. 

It is not easy to ‘sell’  himself in his home country, but dare he find a foreign woman, a woman who will take him away from his country, he can do it.

It might be difficult for him the first time he puts himself in the position, but, when he weighs his ego against the ‘get’, the ‘get’ wins.

The foreign woman has money to travel here, to stay at a hotel he couldn’t enter, and may hold some position so will go to work, leaving him home,  giving him some down time.

All he has to do for a peaceful life is go to bed when she decrees, wake when she decrees, go where she orders, do what she demands.


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Written by jaylar

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