An Australian Citizen Guide to Applying for an Indian Visa

No work is complete without forwarding planning especially when you are an Australian and, intending to visit India. With a lot of confusions taking place in your mind, the most thought over fact is from where to start and from where to end. Further explaining the matter, there are two essential choices for Australians to apply for an Indian visa, out of which the online E-tourist visa application having the validity of 60 days is the easiest one. In case you need to exceed the visa duration, you have to deliver your passport off so, you can stay for a longer term. We all know how frustrating it gets to apply for a visa and, the whole procedure gets even more serious when rejections are faced. To help you eliminate all these intimidations and confusions, our blog marks special emphasis on the step by step guide to applying for an Indian E-Visa for Australian citizens.

Also, note that every detail stated in the blog are from an Australian citizen’s perspective and the guidelines keep changing with each passing time. Thus, the whole information is presented in a nutshell that takes everything to apply for an Indian E-visa online. It depends on your nationality and, with the change in the nation, the requirements also change. Like for USA citizens, the same requirements could be in a different form and, the same way varies from country to country.

Most of the times visa applicants end up ruining their own journey by applying much before than their planned visit to India. Don’t repeat the mistake again if you have already been through the same situation and, for those who haven’t made the mistake yet, the best advice to enjoy your journey to India to the fullest is to apply just before the time of travel has arrived. Since the visa gets valid from the date of issue, don’t make a hurry while you do this plan everything in advance and, make sure your visa lasts till the end of your trip.

Short Term Indian Visa Application Procedure

In case you are thinking to plan a 60 days tour around India, applying for an e-visa could be one of the fastest and most possible ways to enter the Republic of India. Also, known as visa on arrival it is always good to apply for the visa much before you decide to travel. There are also times when people fear to apply for an Indian visa imagining the fact of lining up a queue and waiting for hours in the office. To eradicate such times an e-visa was introduced, helping people apply for their dream destinations without any worry. Also, important information for all the Australian citizens is there are certain ports which are accepting you on an E-visa namely Delhi, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Trivandrum, and Kolkata. It is rare when regular travelers don’t know about the E-visa categories but, for newbies who are planning their first trip to India, it becomes our responsibility to educate them well with a good piece of information. The three categories that entertain your purpose of travel are E-Business visa, E-Tourist Visa and E-Medical Visa. Also, it becomes essential to know that you cannot make a triple entry in case of tourist and business visa, however, you can choose a double entry in the former terms. The triple entry is only allowed for E-medical visa and not any other.

Longer Term Indian Visa Application Procedure

While there are people who choose to travel for 60 days or less than that, there are also people for whom this 60-day period seems not enough. For people like these, a tourist visa for longer-term is available that gives the benefit of staying in the country for up to 1 year as long as you want to be there. Plus, when you don’t apply from Australia or do it from any other country, you are more likely to get the application done in 3 months along with other conditions as not allowing double or triple entries. At the same time, there is a policy for 1-year visa applicants that soon after the 180 days are over, it is mandatory to depart India and fly to a neighboring country like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai or Thailand. Once you have landed to the neighboring port it is your choice to return back to India the same day or the other and then, stay for another 6 months in India.

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