7 Places to Travel When You Have a Limited Budget

Nearly everyone has the lust to travel at some point in their life, but what do you do if you have a limited budget? Fortunately, some of the greatest destinations will not break your bank balance and if you plan in advance and adopt a frugal mindset, you’ll be able to have some amazing experiences.

Let’s take a closer look at 7 places to travel when you have a limited budget …

1) Thailand

Despite its huge popularity, Thailand remains a cheap destination, especially if you stay in hostels or venture beyond the major tourist traps.

Not that the hustle and bustle of Bangkok isn’t an experience to take in, but you can also get away from the crowds in the northern city of Nakhon Si Thammarat (the best food) or islands of Phi Phi (the best beaches).

From floating markets to stunning wildlife, to a vibrant nightlife, you can do it all in Thailand for less than $50 a day.

2) South Africa

If you want to experience a safari on a budget, then South Africa should be high on your destination list. It is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Africa and safari prices are in local currency, unlike other destinations in Southern and East Africa.

You can also avoid the crowds and get better safari deals by opting for Hluhluwe-Imfolozi over Kruger. Drakensberg is the place to go for picturesque guided hikes.

A visit to South Africa should also include Cape Town, a coastal hub featuring everything from wildlife tours and historic sites to sandboarding and shark cage diving!

3) Vietnam

Vietnam might not be one of the first destinations to come to mind, but the city of Ho Chi Minh is packed with historical and cultural landmarks and once you’re done exploring the sprawling city streets, the Vietnamese countryside is a luscious green paradise.

Even the typical city tourist traps are inexpensive, and you’ll be eating amazing cuisine for just a few dollars a day.

4) Cambodia

Whether you have a limited budget or are using borrowed funds, one of the cheapest places for western tourists to travel in the world is Sihanoukville, Cambodia (otherwise known as Kampong Som). It has accommodation as low as $20 per night and hostels at half that, while a freshly cooked meal with meat, rice and vegetable soup is never much more than $2!

You can relax on the beach or enjoy the other natural beauty spots and temples, go off-roading or hire a boat, and visit the many bars and dance floors in the evening.

The locals are friendly and accommodating and you will always bump into other westerners.

5) Cuba

Relations between the US and Cuba are much better than they used to be, making it the perfect time for a cost-effective trip to the Caribbean island.

Be sure to hit the salsa clubs, visit in July for the carnival, and take the time to just bask in the beautiful beaches, old buildings, and vintage cars.

Most accommodation is shoreside and a good double room in a hotel is less than $30.

6) Uruguay

A neighbour of Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has some of the same character, with great beaches and a good menu that draws inspiration from the Mediterranean and other areas of Europe. Meat lovers will be in their element, but there’s plenty of flavour-filled options for vegans and vegetarians too.

One must-see destination is the gorgeous old capital of Montevideo, filled with art deco architecture, old colonial homes and the towering Palacio Salvo.

7) Indonesia

Bali in Indonesia is an increasingly popular destination for cash-strapped westerners, thanks to its stunning paddy fields and nature spots, Mount Batur volcano, sacred temples and religious sites, and amazing local food dishes.

To get around you can hire a bicycle or scooter or rely on the ‘bluebird’ style taxis that shouldn’t charge more than a dollar for most southern Bali trips.

In the evening the coast is lit with bars and clubs that suit all tastes.

Have you travelled the world on a tight budget? Let us know your tips, top destinations and experiences in the comments below!


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