7 Desert Safari Activities You Can Not Afford To Miss

Dubai is famous for many things. From its skyline dotted with skyscrapers to its exotic islands, shopping malls to its lavish lifestyle, Dubai has become a hotspot for tourists from around the globe. Unfortunately, many tourists visiting Dubai limits themselves to these popular activities and gets almost the same travel experiences as other tourists does.

If you are one of those who wants to truly unique travel experience and see other side of Dubai, you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about seven novel activities you can perform in the desert. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to go on a thriller a minute ride.

Dune Bashing

For all the adventure loving fans out there, heart racing dune bashing action might be the best bet. Sit next to an experienced driver in a 4×4 land cruiser and bash those sand dunes in the middle of the desert. Make sure you fasten your seat belts and take all the safety measures to prevent any accidents. There are some things that you cannot define in words and the experience you will have on dune bashing is just that. You will have to experience it to believe it.

Quad Racing

If you are one of those tourists who want to take part in a group activity with your friends and family, quad racing is for you. It helps you compete against multiple contenders in a quad race which takes place in the middle of the desert. There is nothing better than seeing the desert in its full glory that too up close and personal than quad racing. Get on a quad bike and challenge yourself and see where do you stand against your competitors.

Sand Boarding

Talking about having a truly novel experience, sand boarding fits the bill perfectly. You might have seen skateboarding on TV but doing the same thing on a skateboard with no wheels on sand is a truly remarkable experience. It is one of the Dubai desert safari activities that I am sure you have not heard of. Imagine how excited your friends might get when you tell your friends about your sand boarding experience. They might not have heard about it before.

Camel Riding

Camels are a part and parcel of desert life thus your desert safari won’t be complete without a camel ride. Take a look at the sand dunes spanning over a vast land and see Dubai desert and its wildlife. It might not appeal to everyone but it is the best activity for those who want to enjoy the desert and spend more time in it and appreciate its vastness. What’s great is that camel rides are cheap and the camel owners are experienced so you don’t have to worry about any accidents either.


For those who cannot bear the desert heat or want to spend a night in the desert, camping is the right option. Put up a tent in the middle of the desert during the day and enjoy a cosy evening inside the tent after the sun set. You can either do it yourself or take the services of desert safari service providers who can also provide you with the tent and other equipments to spend a day in the desert. You can take some rest and relax or go outside and see the landscape.

Buffet Dinner

If you are a food lover, you will not be disappointed as best desert safari Dubai also includes some great food and drinks. Some service providers offer you buffet dinner options with a large menu to choose from while others might let you organize a Bar B Q party in the middle of the desert. Depending on your taste and interests, you can find a lot of food and drink options that will appeal to your taste. Keep your hunger pangs at bay by treating yourself with some tasty food and replenish your energy after a tiring day spend in desert safari activities.

Star Gazing

The clear night sky has a lot to offer to star gazing fans. Take out your binoculars and other equipment and head to Dubai. Spend a night in desert and see the nigh sky in its full glory. The night sky is filled with stars and if you are lucky enough, you can even be able to see some planets and unique space objects you won’t be able to see anywhere else. Dubai desert has something for everyone and star gazing fans are no exception to this rule.

What activities do you perform in Dubai desert? Which is your favorite activity in Dubai desert? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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