12 Travel tips you need to follow before going on a world tour

Not everyone is born as a savvy traveler as it’s a thing that comes with road experience. At the start, many travelers make a lot of mistakes in their travel history. Travel savviness is a process that comes through foolish behavior, culture unawareness and countless little mistakes. To avoid all these mistakes, here is a giant list of my travel tips that will help you to have a safe and peaceful journey all around the world:

  • Borrow or buy a small backpack:

Purchase a backpack in which you can carry about 40-45 liters stuff. A limit is defined because you will be forced to pack lightweight stuff and to avoid unnecessary things. It is a natural tendency of humans to fill their suitcase with unwanted stuff and they feel regret when they realize that they packed a lot. One should pack light and have lots of extra space in the bag. A backpack you buy should have water resistance material, lockable zippers, multiple compartments, internal frame, padded belt, padded shoulder straps, and front loading.

  • You should pack light:

People think more and needless. While travelling, you will not need as much as you think. Pack half of the clothes that you will need. You can wear a t-shirt for the few days in a row. Make a list of the essentials you need during your travel and then starting them pack in your backpack. When you will buy a backpack of limited size, there will be no enough space for extra stuff. Your essential things include some clothes, toiletries, medical kit, some gears, and miscellaneous.

  • Always have an extra bank card and credit card with you:

You should always have a backup in case you get robbed or lost your card because disasters can happen with anyone. It feels annoying and stressful when you get stuck somewhere without access to your funds. So, therefore, one should have an extra card at the backup.

  • Make sure to use no-fee bank cards:

Hard-earned money is not for the banks to use. You should keep that money with you and spend it on your travel tours. You should get a debit card and credit card that won’t charge a foreign transaction or ATM fee. During your long-duration trip, the few dollars they take from your card will add up.

  • Try a solo trip at least once:

By having a solo trip, one will learn how to become independent. Solo travel teaches how to fund for yourself, give confidence in how to talk with the people, how to handle difficult and uncertain situations.  Solo travel makes a person comfortable and confident of what he is capable of and allows being super selfish and do whatever he wants to do. When you will push yourself in such a situation, then you will learn some valuable life skills.

  • One should not be afraid of using a map during travel:

Ending up in a wrong neighborhood and getting lost like a tourist is not a matter of being afraid or worried. Use a map and ask for directions so that you should feel and look like a tourist. Always use a map when you travel like a solo person as it helps to explore the city or country where you are traveling and guides you in a live direction where you want to go.

  • Try to visit the local tourism office:

Local tourism offices know about what’s going on in town. They can point the travelers for free activities, be a part of special events during your stay, and many others that happen in between. Discounts on transportation and attractions are also offered. They try to give their best by making you experience new destinations. Save money by using the tourism board.

  • Make extra copies of your important documents:

During your travel process, don’t forget to email a copy of your passport and important documents to yourself. Instead of carrying your original documents, you should have sort documents online because you never know when and where you need your documentations. Most of the people cannot carry their original documents with them. In case if your passport gets lost or stolen, a copy will come in your hand for the police report.

  • You must try to read a history book:

It is difficult for a traveler to understand a place present if you don’t know anything about its history. One should read some history about the place where you are going to travel. It will give you some important and deeper information about the destination you are visiting and will make you feel to visit that place.

  • No need to fly direct:

Sometimes it is cheaper to fly into airports while booking flights. One should make sure to shop around for your flight and know the direct and cheapest route for your destination.  In my opinion, the best flight engines are momondo, google flights and Skyscanner.

  • You should carry a basic/professional first aid kit:

One should always be prepared for accidents because they happen suddenly. A basic first aid kit should contain band-aids, anti-bacterial creams, ointments for minor scrapes or cuts. You will never get these things during your travel journey and will never know when you need them. A professional first aid kit includes bandages, gauze, surgical tape, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, and pain killers.

  • Visit meet up and hospitality websites to meet locals:

These websites will provide you some perspectives for your destinations when you will connect with the locals in the places you are visiting. One should save money by getting off the tourist travel. Some of the economy sharing and hospitality websites are as follows:

  • Couchsurfing allows you to stay on the couches of the people or allows you to spare the rooms.
  • Airbnb allows connecting with the owners of the homes/apartments who are in a search for renting their places.
  • Eatwith allows you to do something different such as pick a local’s brain and try to make new friends.
  • Lyft allows the locals to give pick and drop to the travelers and is much better than to hire a taxi.

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