10 Famous street food of Nepal

Among the regions of Nepal, street food is something that can give you cravings. Even if you’re enjoying your trekking journey, but you won’t deny from eating these hot snack street foods.

On vacation, food makes everything perfect. The traditional Newari or Tibetian taste can give you a lot of fun in your adventure. Both vegan and non-vegan can enjoy different street foods in Nepal.

Top 10 famous street foods available in Nepal.

1. Yum MoMos

Nepalese love this street food. Also, foreigners too love eating Momos. It appears like the dumplings of Tibetian but available in a small size. It is made in a circular shape using dough. The dough includes the Keema fillings, for vegan or non-vegan.

2. Chatamari

This Chatamari street food is also termed as the famous “Nepalian Pizza.” Don’t miss to try the authentic one when visiting Nepal. Chatamari, also known as rice flour, is used to prepare this hot pizza. This Newari recipe is made among several places in Nepal. Most often, it is available in Bhaktapur or Patan. Kids love to have this delicious meal. If visiting Patan, don’t miss to enjoy this yummy snack.

3. Thukpa

What’s better than enjoying a hot bowl of soup in the rain! Well, Thukpa can fulfill this wish of yours. This noodle street food comes from the Tibetian kitchen which comes with the layers of meat and vegetables on it.

4. Sekuwa

All the vegetarians can’t try this food. Though, the non-vegans would lick their fingertips after eating Sekuwa. Among the traditional barbeque dishes of Nepal, Sekuwa is the most famous one. It can be eaten as a buff, chicken, or mutton. In Kapan Kathmandu, you can enjoy the Yangtaru Sekuwa’s dish.

5. Laphing

Among the street foods of Nepal, Laphing is a famous one. It is a Tibetian food available in many corners of Nepal. When you visit Boudhanath, don’t miss to try Laphing. Foreigners love to enjoy this spicy snack. This mouth-watering snack is mixed up with a spicy flavor. It is generally a noodle-like food which consists of potato or flour starch. Nepal street food is very famous the best way to experience, so you can plan a 3-day Nepal tour and enjoy the trip.

6. Juju Dhau

Bhaktapur is a place for serving Juju Dhau. It is given in tiny Matka, made from the clay. It won’t taste muddy, but the traditional method to serve lies in the Matka.

7. Wo or Bara

This Newari dish is famous for the lentils. From the lentils, Bara is prepared. Before preparing it, the lentils should be soaked well in water for one night. After the lentils get soaked, it is made into a paste by mixing it. In the hot oil, the paste is poured for cooking. Mostly, It is found in Patan and Bhaktapur areas.

8. Sel Roti

Among the famous foods of Nepal, Sel Roti is also a well-known snack. It aroused in the past years and is carrying forward to younger generations. Generally, Sel Roti is made on the special occasion of Tihar. Its’ recipe includes a raw rice paste made with grinding rice. Sugar and Ghee add smoothness to its paste. After heating the oil, the paste is poured in a donut-like structure.

9. Pani Puri or Golgappa

All the spicy flavor lovers can enjoy Golgappa or Pani Puri. In every corner of Nepal, this snack is available for a yummy experience. It is available in different flavors to enjoy the taste.

10. Samosa with Chilies

Alike the delicious Momos, samosa is also a famous street food found in Nepal. It is available in a large size with the mashed potato filling. In the filling, different spices, chilies, and coriander are used to add more flavor. People love eating samosas with chutney. Adults love to eat the Samosas with Meethi chutney.

On your India travel journey, don’t miss to include these mouth-watering snacks. Add a glimpse of snacks in your journey with all these delicious Nepalese street foods.


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