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Writing Site Rip – 6

The first five articles  written by Members which were published by the site, were as their ‘application’ for entry.  The articles earned nothing for the writer, any money they gained went to the Owner and his friends.  

After the first five, the Member was elevated to Writer.   A Writer would submit and have his/her work moderated before publication.

As said previously, this was actual moderation to insure the work was high quality and NOT plagiarised.

Riprite had begun with plagiarised stuff. replaced with  articles written by ‘Members’ who were not paid.

All the money paid by Advertisers went to the pocket of M.Q. and his friends.    They did very well.

When the Members were moved to ‘Writer’ they were paid.  Although a chunk went into the pocket of M.Q. and his friends.

As there were many members, and new ones joining, the site was doing very well and could pay as promised.


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Written by jaylar

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