Writing Site Rip -26

The point of this recountation of ‘Riprite’, is to expose the reality.

Not just that there are people who are hired and paid to defend and tout a site, but there is a population of people who are not hired, who are not paid, who will ‘defend’ the site, knowing nothing about it.

Defending a site which deliberately dropped Staff Writers to Members so as to steal their work.

Defending a site in which the owner took it down without a word, confiscating all the articles and not paying a penny.

This was no glitch, no accident, no mistake.  The Owner, M.Q. deliberately with malice aforethought, planned it.

His ‘defenders’, not the Paid Shills who were hired for the task, but idiots who knew nothing, defended him.  

Defended him and the site against those who admitted the truth.  


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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